The former vision of CCC for the new Corstorphine Community Centre – we have a new vision now, based on the full occupation of Westfield House – watch out for more information on this.

To build a Community Centre on the present site [i.e. 14 Kirk Loan] which is a community focal point for Greater Corstorphine and surrounding area and which meets the requirements of the 21st Century. The Centre will, in collaboration with other groups, organisations and the statutory sector, provide a varied and meaningful programme to meet the needs and interests of all age groups and sections of the community and to tackle inequality and disadvantage in its many forms. The Centre will be managed by local people for the benefit of the community.

Rather than rebuild a structure which is out of date, it has been decided to provide a facility fit for the 21st Century. The planned changes will give improved flexibility and accessibility for all and increase the number of activities and groups that can be provided for.

The aim is to accommodate a varied programme of activity for groups of people (young people, new mums, retired folk etc.). There will be opportunities to volunteer, to organise community based family events (e.g. the Corstorphine Festival) and local campaigns (e.g. environmental and clean up campaigns) to learn new skills and share existing skills, and in general to respond to local needs.

The new design has resulted in a need to raise additional funds to meet the rebuild costs. We currently have through the Insurance settlement and various fundraising efforts, raised a considerable amount towards the rebuild cost. However there remains a substantial shortfall.

Plans were drawn up some time ago with all the above aspects in mind. The CCC committee is currently reviewing options for the rebuild, so please rest assured that despite our failure to win Big Lottery funding WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!

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