Statement from the CCC Management Committee (17/05/22)
CCC’s former site on Kirk Loan which was put up for sale recently is now under offer and a sign to this effect will be displayed shortly. Further information on the sale will be communicated in due course.
CCC’s Management Committee are currently negotiating a short-term lease on a suitable property in the Corstorphine area given we have to vacate our current site on St John’s Road. A Community Asset Transfer application is also currently being developed to secure a permanent location in Corstorphine when it is fully intended to utilise funds raised for the rebuild of Kirk Loan to be properly and effectively utilised in developing the new community centre.
Statement from the CCC Management Committee (25/2/22)

‘We can now confirm that as of 23rd June 2022, CCC will be vacating their current premises at 191 St John’s Road after being served formal notice by the site’s owners. This is in line with neighbouring units.

We are currently in the process of assessing alternative sites for the continuation of  activities currently undertaken by the various groups who use the Hub and are consulting with the group leaders.

In respect of the charity shop, this will continue to operate as usual up until the end of the lease and in the meantime we are also looking at alternatives as to where the shop may be based in the future. We are also communicating with the shop supervisors.

We will continue to update the local community, our members, volunteers and staff as we make progress to identify and hopefully secure other premises.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for alternative premises for the shop or activities please let us know via’


Since the disastrous fire in 2013, we have been looking to rebuild the former Corstorphine Public Hall at Kirk Loan.  We have made considerable efforts, with success, to modernise our governance structure to facilitate this, trusting it would then enable us to access the required funds as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) which owns and runs a Community Facility for the area.

A Lottery Fund application was applauded, but no funds were granted and as you may be aware the CCC has over the past few years received indications of funding options on a number of occasions by the City of Edinburgh Council but has not been allocated anything towards the approved project to rebuild on the original Public Hall site. Strenuous efforts have been made over a number of years to secure the funds to make that project possible but without success. Our current lease at St John’s road will be coming to an end shortly, leaving us nowhere to run all our current and successful community groups and services.

After much serious consideration and research, CCC has now started the proceedings for a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of Westfield House in Corstorphine, the former city council office building, also situated in Kirk Loan. Our intention is to adapt the current building to create the required community centre. The CAT presents an opportunity to provide even more services and activities for the local community. It is also anticipated that external funding for this project will be available from the Scottish Land Trust.

In addition to our existing cash reserves and all donations received, the original site at Kirk Loan has a value and although somewhat reluctantly, it is our intention that the site will shortly be marketed for sale; this will provide funds to be used solely for the provision of the new community centre for Corstorphine.

NOW CLOSED: Survey link for local residents re proposed Community Asset Transfer of Westfield House (Kirk Loan, Corstorphine):

CCC CAT Survey for residents and collaborating organisations