More information: Our Background & Our Vision

  1. Who is Corstorphine Community Centre (CCC)?

CCC is the new name for the charity which owns the Kirk Loan site and currently operates Community Activities from the Hub in St Johns Road.  It was formed by amalgamating The Corstorphine Public Hall Ltd and Corstorphine Youth and Community Centre.

  1. How can I help?

The members of the board running CCC are all volunteers and we currently have vacancies for interested parties to join. However you do not have to join the board to help, you can volunteer in the shop, with activities or fundraising.

  1. What is Current Position on the Rebuild?

Re-build Project update

Following the Council’s decision in December 2020 not to invest in the Corstorphine Community Centre rebuild project the Management Committee decided to reactivate our initial enquiry from February 2020 and investigate a Community Asset Transfer of the surplus Council building – Westfield House.

This is a long process and commenced at the end of February 2021 with a stage 1 panel meeting involving council officers and elected members. The decision of that meeting was that Corstorphine Community Centre could progress to stage 2.

Stage 2 involves working with officers to construct a sustainable business model for a Community Centre in the heart of Corstorphine. The initial actions are to carry out a range of surveys covering all aspects of the current state of the building and design options as to what possible uses it could be used for.

Contractors have visited the site to perform these tasks and reports are awaited and there are still questions outstanding as to the method of transfer the Council would prefer.

However in the meantime we will remain in our current temporary premises and continue to offer the range of services the community needs.

  1. I heard the building was not insured?

Many people do not realise the building was in 2 parts, both separately owned.  The “Old Library” to the left was not insured.  The Public Hall itself was fully insured for building costs and contents insurance.

  1. Who actually owns the building?

The “Old Library” recently developed as 2 flats, is owned privately.  The Public Hall site is now owned by Corstorphine Community Centre, a registered SCIO (Charity number SC046009).

  1. The estimated rebuild cost seems very high?

We have engaged Professionals for the design and management of the project who have provided the estimated costs. Actual final costs will not be known until the contract is signed with a contractor. This process is ongoing until adequate funding is obtained.

  1. Why is the hall not being rebuilt as it was?

The design of the hall was no longer fit for use, with inadequate toilet facilities, and not disabled friendly and we wish to provide a modern, flexible space that meets all current building, legal and health & safety standards. Unfortunately this does mean an increase in the cost of rebuilding

  1. Why not build what we can afford with current funds?

The new building must produce enough revenue to fund all the core costs for the community activities run by the organisation.  As we no longer receive funding from the City of Edinburgh Council and having undertaken extensive financial projections to ensure the centres viability it would not do so without all the planned spaces.

9. Why not apply to the National Lottery for funding?

The charity trustees spent much time and effort in 2018 doing exactly that, which has contributed to the delay as no work was allowed as this progressed.  The CCC Rebuild was one of only seven projects from throughout Scotland that made it to this final stage. Unfortunately the application was refused for funding, despite being praised for its content and the work being undertaken.

10. Who will operate the new building?

Corstorphine Community Centre has combined the two former organisations (Corstorphine Public Hall and Corstorphine Youth and Community Centre) into one, and will in future own and run the rebuilt facility and its activities.

11. What will happen to the original site?

Having exhausted all viable options for a rebuild on the original site, and taking into account the additional concern that the Front Façade is continuing to deteriorate as time passes, the difficult decision has now been taken to market the site for sale; this will provide funds to be used solely for the provision of the new community centre for Corstorphine.

The Management Committee is also aware that individuals and organisations committed money to the rebuild project. We have contacted them directly to ask if they would be content that their contribution be allocated to the Community Asset Transfer option and are addressing any concerns individually.

12. As you are currently in temporary premises that are due for demolition how long are you able to stay at 191 St John’s Road and are there any alternative temporary premises?

We anticipate having to move out of our temporary premises during 2022.

If we are unable to complete the Rebuild prior to our temporary premises being demolished The Corstorphine Hub will be closed and the programme of activities and services will cease to operate as at present we have been unable to identify any alternative suitable temporary premises within Corstorphine which would provide the accommodation required.

We continue to seek alternative temporary premises to allow us to continue to deliver our activities and services.