Corstorphine Community Centre – A Historic Transition

Welcome to the website of Corstorphine Community Centre. Yes, we’ve changed our name, we’re building on the best of the Corstorphine Youth & Community Centre.

This new charity resulted from the conversion of the Corstorphine Public Hall Company to a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in early 2018.

More information: Our FAQ and Our Vision

Background on the 191 St John’s Road years of Corstorphine Community Centre

On 1st September 2018, Corstorphine Community Centre took on the staff and assets of Corstorphine Youth and Community Centre when the two organisations came together. This means the Hub at 191 St John’s Road, with the community activities space as well as the charity shop and the space currently occupied by Café Cubana, began operating in the name of Corstorphine Community Centre. This was a planned amalgamation which will make it possible for the same organisation both to own and operate any new community centre which is built or becomes available. As many people are aware, Corstorphine Public Hall was owned by one organisation and run by another, which mostly worked well but was problematic when it came to applying for capital funding.

As you may already know, the Corstorphine Community Centre application for funding from the Big Lottery (Community Assets Fund) was unsuccessful. This was due to external circumstances beyond our control and in no way reflects on the quality of the application, which we were reliably informed was high, or on the amount of work put in by members of the organisation in preparing the application.

We are committed to providing community facilities in Corstorphine, and our preferred option is to rebuild on the site of the Public Hall in Kirk Loan. However, due to the Big Lottery decision we are having to consider alternative funding and other proposals while continuing to raise funds for a new Centre.

We continue to receive generous donations from time to time from local individuals and organisations, all of which are added to the rebuild fund. We have recently received a donation of £600 from The Corstorphine Nursery Ltd. This was presented to treasurer Scott Smith by a group of children.

The combined organisation is going from strength to strength, with increases in the demand for, and provision of, community activities which illustrate the need for further community spaces in the area.

Some rationalization of websites and social media channels has been necessary as part of the amalgamation, but we plan to bring all relevant information together here for your information in future.

We would not have been able to bring the two organisations together or to apply for Big Lottery funding without the help and support of members of the local community and particularly of the volunteers and staff who have kept CYCC and the Public Hall Company alive over the past few years.